Lunds grocery store, at 50th and Halifax, has deep roots in Edina, dating back 70 years in the 50th and France business area.

The store, opening in 1941 at 3940 W. 50th Street (across the street from its current location), was then owned by the long-established Hove's chain and managed by an enterprising young man named Russell Lund.

Lund, who had worked for the Hoves since 1922, introduced “self service,” where customers selected their own groceries instead of relying on clerks to fetch them. It was a bold move (Lund worried about how customers would react to using a cart), but the manpower shortage brought on by World War II forced him to be creative.

Lund eventually bought out Hove's; see the Lunds & Byerly's web site for a brief company history.
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